Tmap_of_uk_600x675px_1wo years ago I closed this blog in the expectation that further dicussions of independence for Scotland were useless for a long time ahead. Brexit has changed all that and the results further emphasised the differences between Scotland and England (and Wales), not to mention the complexities with regard to Northern Ireland. The world around the UK has also become far more unstable, increasing the unpredictability of political events.

The most immediate issue from the point of view of Scottish independence is how will the Scottish Parliament navigate in the sea of contradictory messages emerging from Westminster and Brussels on immigration and the European Single Market. These negotiations will take place in parallel with British discussions on the future of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and against a backdrop of the further evolution of the EU itself. Cooperation between the Nordic countries will also be affected by Brexit.

These political events and their influence on the political future of Scotland, will be the subject of this re-awakened blog. I aim to post at least one new comment every week for the foreseeable future. Please enjoy and comment!